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All ENTERTAINMENT Internet Only Area Auction - Bidding begins closing July 15th, 9pm

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23 T_23.JPGMarket: Hays
title: 6 Months Business Server Backup Software and Offsite Replication
Market Retail Value: 2350
Shipping Available: no

CK Technologies is an IT consulting firm providing businesses of all sizes an affordable way to deliver Technology solutions that work EXACTLY the way you want them to. This auction includes... 1) A Business Health & Security Assessment of your current network and computer systems. This assestment will check to ensure that proper security controls are implementated and include a detailed report of any security findings along with recommendations for remediation. . 2) 6 Month Server Backup Software on site. 3) 6 month Offsite Replication backup. Visit and get to know cktechnologies. Corbin Kuntsch, owner of CK Technologies will service your business in Hays, Great Bend, Colby, and Salina area communities. Your business can't afford to have a server crash and loose all of your important data; or be infected by a virus that could cost you thousands of dollars. This 6 month offer incudes server image based backup software, external usb drive for local storage, offsite cloud replication of backups for disaster recovery solution. What is image based backups? Image based backups takes an “image” or “snapshot” of the server, capturing all the data including the current state of the operating system. What does this mean? More reliable backups and faster restoration in the event of a server failure. Don't leave your business unprotected.

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