We welcome you to submit a short summary of your thoughts and ideas on becoming an independent AuctionRules.com Affiliate. Specifically we are interested in working with:

    * Auction companies that have the highest standards in representing their items for sale, as we have a ZERO tolerance policy towards misrepresentation of any item.
    * Forward thinking organizations, who are looking to grow their business.
    * Auction companies who specialize in a specific niche’ or market
Please recognize that we are unable to accommodate everyone who would like to be an AuctionRules.com affiliate.
After submitting your email to affiliate@auctionrules.com we will review it and respond to you within 10 days. If it looks like there may be a good fit between us, we will come by to visit to see if a relationship will be a good fit.
Thanks again for your interest in AuctionRules.com